Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Skirting the Bike

First, I love the skort. It's shorts, it's a skirt... it's a skort.

I don't wear shorts. I cannot find any length, style, or shape that I think flatters my short legs and heart-shaped butt. Yeah, I've tried. My philosophy is much like this one.

Even the New York Times has jumped on board: "SKIRTS aren't just for tennis players anymore. In the last year, skirts specially designed for runners have hit the market. No longer do women need to 'imitate men down to the last thread,' said Nicole DeBoom, a triathlete whose company, Skirt Sports, sells three skirts and a marathon dress. 'Now, as you bounce past a guy in a skirt and he grunts, "I'm getting beat by a skirt," you can smile to yourself,' she said."

I am also a "girl" in these matters, meaning I like skirts for their shape, their femininity, their flip. Not to be confused with being a woman or a feminist--both of which I am also, everyday--I like the extra styling of the skort on bike or walking. And no one sees my panties. 'Cause I'm also a lady.

(Confusing for you? Shouldn't be. None of those things are mutually exclusive.)

Apparently, skorts are generally for school uniforms, athletic uniforms, weird porn wear, or poor dressers... according to the web. Don't care.

In matters biking, I have found three sites that offer appropriate wear, which will supplement the two older skorts I have that are falling apart. First, RunningSkirts.com, which offers very very short running skorts and longer skorts for "athletic" use. The really short ones only have briefs underneath--not my favorite option. Lots of colors, sizes, and some great videos of them in action. Then there's SkirtSports.com with better patterns--very cute. And finally Terry, which offers a slew of gear and apparel; not as cute or flippy, but serviceable.

There are a million other choices. Unfortunately, Champion--where I bought my first two--has nothing available on their website. And Adidas is all golf skorts, a whole different thing.

I won't be wearing these to class in the fall, although they are my favorite gym gear, including for the on-campus gym.


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  1. I love skorts. I have two for running. They are shorter than most and perfect for my short little legs. I have three from Patagonia, which are ideal for work, and great for bike commuting. I'd love to find a nice fall skort that I could wear with boots or with tights. I like to feel like a girl even when I'm on a bike.


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