Friday, August 28, 2009

First Week

This morning I can report that four days of riding Bella to My U has been... interesting.

Monday and Tuesday were just trial runs with no luggage on board. Very smooth, although I learned (as I said on Tuesday) that the route there is uphill. Wednesday and Thursday I added the junk I use for class--laptop, textbooks, dry-rase markers, folders, etc--lunch, and extra clothes... and "uphill" became a dirty word.

Wednesday was slightly fraught, although I had prepped much of the stuff the ngiht before, but I had to be at My U before 9 am (class time) through the heaviest traffic of the day in my 'hood.

And, ironically, the city decided to tear up the street one block from the entrance to the university grounds for one full block--putting up detour signs, bringing in heavy trucks, and molto guys in hard hats by 8 am. The day classes started is the same day the roadwork began: timing is everything.

Despite that, I arrived early, locked up and unloaded the bike, changed clothes and refreshed makeup in the ladies room next to my classroom, and got myself set up and on-line in time for class. Thank goodness I brought a clean blouse to change into, because the t-shirt I wore was soaked.

Going home, the roadway was blocked not only with roadwork, but gardening truck. This is always the case by mid-afternoon in my 'hood. One truck parked illegally and three guys weed-whacking. next block, one bigger truck with a crane planting mid-life trees. With about seven guys "helping."

And... I arrived home safely. Happy that the road home was all downhill.

Thursday, much the same, except that I travel in for a 2 pm class, so the traffic issues are different. Surprisingly, less sweaty arrival--although I notice my thighs are protesting earlier in the ride! I was also carrying about 5 lbs less weight yesterday than Wednesday. Each trip has been lighter, since things were left in my office or given away to students.

So far, good riding and good exercise. I am puffing like a blowfish when I stop at the traffic light at the edge of My U's grounds (always have to stop, never green my way), and aching quad and calf muscles, but I think that will actually be better by the end of next week. I feel much more confident even after only two days of class-specific riding, negotiating the streets and sidewalks on campus as well as in my neighborhood. I'll try a new route next week, as well.


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