Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review: The Bronx

Continuing my new ritual of eating out by myself on Tuesday nights, I chose The Bronx this week. It is not new to me, I like it very much, in part because it is a restaurant with a great bar. It is also a restaurant where I never feel uncomfortable being alone or a woman alone out for dinner (see Split Pea Soup Cafe).

The Bronx offers outdoor and indoor dining, although I've only ever eaten indoors. I actually like eating in a restaurant-bar that's got a great ambiance, kind of old-fashioned and clean. It's located on Cedar Springs Road.

The food here is good, the wine mostly Californian, and the prices reasonable. Tuesday I had the avocado-bacon burger with onion rings: both were delicious. The burger was perfectly cooked, a good size wihtout being too giant for one person to reasonably eat. The toppings were also well prepared: bacon crispy, avocado fresh and cool. The onion rings were neither over-cooked nor too crumbly: the breading stayed right in place. And there was very, very good coffee.

They open at 5:30, which is my only gripe about the place. I generally like to go out earlier, have a glass of wine, and order dinner after I've done some reading or writing. I think this is a result of time spent in French cafes, and most American places feel comfortable with this arrangement. You sit down, you order, you eat, and you go home, all in one long sweep, thereby freeing up the table for more hungry customers. It's all rushed and quick.

But The Bronx doesn't care if I sit and read for an hour or so before ordering dinner, which is another reason I like the spot. I did indeed read and take notes, moving between two books of French cultural history. The waiter was friendly but not chatty, which was again perfect. Several tables filled and emptied while I was there, and everything ordered looked and smelled great. Maybe if I could get over the burgers I'd order something else.

The prices are right, as well. My bill, including coffee, tax, and tip, came to less than $25.


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