Thursday, August 6, 2009


A simple post.


Outside my window: sunshine, blue sky--another 100+ temp day in DFW.

I am thinking: about the coming first days of the fall semester.

I am thankful for: Wifi and Mozart.

From the kitchen: coffee from my new, fantasy coffeemaker.

I am wearing: no makeup, no jewelry, a skort, and a Tshirt from Oxford (England, that is).

I am creating: a foreword/introduction for a monologue collection

I am going: to write this morning, then spend the afternoon on out-of-house errands. Dry cleaning drop-off, mailing packages & gifts, paying library fines, checking my saftey deposit box, and the carwash. Then take a nice, long ride on The Bike.

I am reading: Idols of Perversity by Bram Djikstra and The Judgement of Paris by Ross King (audio book--is that reading?). Both are about 19th-century Paris, but painting not theatre. Each one is giving me a great cultural context for my own research.

I am hoping: Jack will stop crying to go out soon. He never goes out--no claws, too many fleas--but he has become obsessed with being outside.

I am hearing: Mozart's Requiem, by William Christie and Les Arts Florissants. It is my favorite version of my favorite Mozart piece. Just as spine-chilling as hearing it sung/performed live in La Madeleine in Paris.

Around the house: I am still trying to get rid of the former couch, clear out the excess paperage in my study and magazines everywhere else. Why do I subscribe to any?

One of my favorite things: Knowing I have a whole day ahead to get my work done.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clean the old coffeemaker so I can drop it off with the load of stuff in my car at Goodwill on Saturday morning, ride The Bike everyday on new routes, give Jack worm and flea medecine (joy!), finish my last syllabus and post on Blackboard sites, prepare assignments for my theatre history class for fall now and post on Blackboard site, finish a book review for a journal and email it to them (big relief when it is done!).

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