Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good News, Bad News

It's already been one of those days.

Good News: I've been asked to write a bunch of entries on French actors and actresses for a theatre-centered encyclopedia, which will PAY me either in $$ or in books (you get more worth in books, generally).

Bad News: My 30-year-old air conditioning system is wheezing like a smoker running uphill with a 20-lb. pack on its back... meaning I've turned it off for the day.

Good News: A.C. Man says it needs only one part and freon to work.

Bad News: He recommends whole new system, which makes sense since this system is, well, ancient. The equivalent of the abacus to the Apple. Landlord Man is fighting the inevitable.

Good News: My credit card balances are the lowest they've ever been.

Bad News: So is my savings account.

Good News: I'm healthy and I have an out-of-town friend who will let Jack and me stay at her place until the a.c. mess is resolved.

Good News: Completed first power point presentation for theatre history class (barring ancient Greek music soundtrack: can't figure it out!) and it looks good. Should prep 'em mighty well for class discussion.

Good News: Next week Life 2 is available on DVD. (Just a kiss goodbye to this fabulous show that NBC cancelled--like idiots--and will no doubt replace with something lower class. I am bitter, in this case. No more Damien Lewis! No more Adam Arkin! My autumn stretches before me, a wasteland*.)

Bad News: I think I'm out of bad news. This is all pretty good, in the end.

*Do you see why I am in drama?



  1. Re: "Life"
    I'm bitter too. I loved that show.

  2. I know! Such good writing, good acting, and good direction combined. Of course, it would get cancelled--I felt the same about THE BOOK OF DANIEL a few years ago.


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