Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Start Up

Yesterday, I rode Bella to My U for the Dean's meeting as a trial run.

Good News: while the ride took more time than the same car trip, it was a more pleasant ride all around.  I had no trouble locking Bella up to one of the two bike racks--where I think several of the bikes are actually rejects left behind. They had flattened tires and looked as if they'd been on-site for several weeks, if not months. Sadly.

The ride to My U is all uphill (also a new discovery), which means that the ride home is all downhill. What a great discovery! Granted, none of it is a big grade up or down, but sweet that the ride home will be easier.

I think that making the trip at 8:30 am will be different than at 2:30 pm, however, will involve a lot more car traffic than I encountered, given my experience with driving in at that time regularly... which also suggests use of alternate routes. There are at least three.

I also made the ride with regular teaching clothes: heeled sandals, skirt, t-shirt, and over-the-shoulder purse. Very easy, and again good news. I was definitely sweaty and breathing hard once I arrived, but not as much as I thought. Yay! Keeping clean shirts in the office and an icy water bottle will probably solve the worst of this problem. Regular riding will do a lot more.

Today is another trial run, for a short meeting requiring nothing but keys, etc. Tomorrow will be the real test: a full day of classes, requiring laptop, folders, texts, etc. -- and my lunch.


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