Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Like last night...

Dream #1: My wedding day. I was at the hotel (which had a nasty industrial orange-red-and-black ameoba pattern carpet) prior to the ceremony, when the groom showed up. In the manner of dreams, it was not someone I actually know, but a blonde guy in a blue polyester tux (very prom night!) and glitter in his hair. He also had my bridesmaids in tow, who were also in blue, nasty prom night satiny dresses in two-tone pastel blue. IF I had been married in 1983, when I was just a dumb, wee girl perhaps this would have been the Wedding of My Dreams (uh, still, no). But I think one of my unwritten rules is "Never marry a man with glitter in his hair."

Unwritten because I take it for granted, I think.

Dream #2: Somehow the cement foundation of my parents' garage got chopped/lifted out around my car in said garage. Various garage mechanics and so forth were there, making various gestures and ineffective actions to fix the car (which was dead) and the garage floor, but instead, the floor continued to telescope up--making the gaps/missing concrete bigger, taller, and more ridiculous. Then my dad came into the garage from the house... and I woke up. Of course. Garage a mess, getting worse, Dad walks in.... who wouldn't wake up?


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