Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Regular Thoughts on My Week, Thus Far

This week has been... weird.

Somehow it feels as if I've been moving through maple syrup all week. Every task seems to take twice as long, my "to do" list can't be conquered, and yet I am on task. I feel lumbrously slow.

And yet: my class yesterday went great, The discussion was positive, energetic, and went exactly where I hoped it would go.

I am getting things done around the house: laundry, cleaning out the refrigerator and cutting up healthy snacks, doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom, hanging up clothes, cleaning books and tapes off the shelves for selling.

Reading and commenting on students' assignments: done and done! Read 15 different assignments and provided comments on each and every one for the students to rewrite these short pieces for Friday. Created and entered grades in an on-line gradebook for two classes.

Ate a healthy lunch and dinner yesterday. Got a massage. Picked up dry cleaning.

So why do I feel so very slow and ridiculously off the right path? Maybe it is pre-Spring Break blues, maybe it is because I do have a lot to do, maybe... I don't know.

Just... ugh. Blah. Yech.

Later: Feeling better. Maybe it was eating lunch and drinking two Emergen-C drinks, maybe it was sending three short plays to two different contests, maybe it was editing and revising 25 pages of the novel-in-progress... but I feel better. More balanced. Done with my class, now onto a meeting. Then home for dinner and tonight's work on preparing tomorrow's lesson.

The meeting was great: set up an opportunity for my students' work to be presented in reading form to a pretty big class of non-major students. So not a useless day.

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