Saturday, March 10, 2012

William Morris Experiment, this week

Since this week is Spring Break, I've got a couple of projects on the burner.

First, a top-to-bottom clean of the apartment and car, meaning not a ruthless scrubdown but an overall buff up. In addition, this weekend I'll clean the kitchen and bathroom ruthlessly.

Since I've been tackling the apartment room by room, there isn't much in the way of big projects. This is heartening because I can move on to the study, which is the hot spot of the apartment. But specific W.M.E. elements that I'll handle this week include:
  • getting the wicker chair/footstool out of the apartment
  • getting the culled books and tapes out for sale
  • getting a pile of magazines to recycling
  • washing the couch cover and dry-cleaning my tapestry cushion covers
  • buying and hanging new living room curtains
  • washing and cleaning out car
  • cleaning ceiling fans
  • clearing out and restocking cleaning supplies, filling bottles, washing microfiber cloths
Sort of a simple week, in fact.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan. I'm Spring cleaning my kitchen this week.


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