Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Sunday!

So much done I can't believe it!
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning out/re-organizing the bathroom cupboard
  • Re-organizing two boxes of picture postcards/decorative cards
  • Casting the 9 year-old in my student's play
  • Talking to both guest directors
  • Send all emails about schedules, casting, stage managers, room assignments
  • Prepping class for tomorrow
  • Prepping class for Tuesday
  • Prepping snacks and meals for the next week
  • All trash out, all recycling out
  • Calling home, friends
  • Sending corrected manuscript to editor
  • Prepping clothes, lunch, breakfast, Jack's food for tomorrow a.m.
  • Making notes about summe rin Paris, response to annual evaluation, excerpts of African play
  • Putting flowers all around the house: daffodils, pink carnations, and stargazer lilies
  • Watering all houseplants
  • Polishing my nails for the week
And I've still got two hours before bed!

The Rock: Just something pretty for you

Tomorrow I start bright and early with search candidate breakfast at 8, then class at 9... and on and on until rehearsal at 6 pm, and finishing the day with prep for Tuesday morning and afternoon.

And I feel good!

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