Monday, March 19, 2012

Frugal Monday, after break

This week, I did a good job of not spending frivolously.

My best "not frivolous purchase" was a netbook and a 2GB upgrade. In the end, even buying an upgrade saved me $70 on the original price of the laptop alone, and since I had been planning the purchase, the money spent was definitely right. The netbook arrived Saturday and it is already my favorite thing. The netbook is a "mini me" version of my new laptop, smaller and more compact but definitely a travel item: it weighs less than three pounds. I'll be able to carry it all day--to the archives, to class, to pubs and cafes--and use it everywhere. I'll have to upgrade the software from Windows 7 Starter (ugh) to real Windows, but otherwise it's perfect.

After the last laptop crash, this became a necessity for me. I need something to back up my work, something lightweight for travel, something that is all mine for my writing and my projects.I carry my current laptop every day, everywhere, and it is not a bad thing, but ridiculous when I must put it into the IT shop for a week.

Beyond that: I met my grocery budget almost to the penny this week, but that included a couple of health and beauty items. My week's menus are set and ready, including healthy snacks.

My bills are all pre-planned for April.

I made $35 by selling my books and cassettes.

I made a bottle full of green all-surface cleaner, using organic soap, borax, and water. I'm trying it out in order to see if it affects my allergies in-house as well as saving me money (given that it "costs" 2 Tbsps. of soap + 1/2c. Borax + water to fill a 16 oz. bottle... much cheaper than even the greenest store-bought cleanser).

I didn't buy new spring clothes online, though I test-drove an order.

I spent my time cleaning my house, editing my manuscript, and grading papers rather than shopping.

It might be that conscious frugality is becoming a real habit and mindset. I hope.

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