Monday, March 12, 2012

This week in frugality

This week, I came in under my grocery budget again: This time, $34/40. I am pretty pleased with myself about this, as well as using my pantry/freezer combination as a foundation. This week, I'll cook:
  • steak with shallots and rosemary, using 1/3 of a 1-lb. steak, where the other two parts are still frozen
  • salmon with Old Bay and lemon, one of my standbys
  • chicken breasts with olives, lemon, and herbs (something like this)

I'll also be eating a fresh salad twice a day every day, including lunch. On Saturday I bought lunch from Freebird, a super burrito place in town. If one buys the 3rd largest size (Monster), it can be cut into 3 or 4 pieces and paired with salad for lunch; that's $10 for 4 lunches, combined with a small salad from the fridge.

I also made my bi-weekly catfood run, and it is probable I'll come in under $50 for the month in that area (catfood and supplies), too.

What else is on, this week?
  • Redeeming my Groupon yoga certificate for unlimited monthly drop-in classes
  • Selling my red evening dress on eBay... I hope
  • Selling books and cassette tapes to local used store
  • Donating two printers to the Salvation Army, with all booklets and cords
  • No spend Thursday #4 (last week, succcess!)

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