Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad news about frugality

Well, one little slip...
Saturday I spilled a cup of coffee partially in my purse (don't ask!) and apparently fried my iPod, my Nook, and my phone. Of the three, the phone still works.

The iPod was from My U, so they might be able to replace it for free, if we're still in the business of iPods. I got the thing in 2006, so it's definitely been well-loved and well-used. If I have to replace it, I can. The Nook is practically brand-new, bought only last month; I used gift cards and discounts, so that I really paid about 45% of the actual price, then sold my old Nook.

But I'm so used to the thing, I'll have to buy a new one if this is fried. Which it seems to be.

The phone is 3+ years old, but I love it. Don't want to replace it. Sigh.

This might be an expensive little cup of coffee.

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