Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching My Breath

Does anyone else have to declare a catch-up day? After yesterday's looooooong schedule, I collapsed. Today, I was just not ready for the many, many challenges.

So: time out.

I have so far spent today
  • blogging at my other site
  • correcting student assignments and posting their grades
  • writing student rec letters for a specific project
  • setting up and confirming my reservations this summer from Big D to Paris and back, as well as my Chunnel tickets and Jack's flight reservations
  • answering/organizing all my emails about divisional productions
  • plotting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday--many commitments there, too!
  • and petted Jack, answering his demanding whininess
  • Later: ordered postcards for student playwriting festival
Paperwork is a trial, yeah? Sometimes it all seems so huge: being a single woman means having to do the job; take care of the house, the car, the cat and me; paperwork past, present, and future. Some days, it just feels like too much, like a mountain of stuff that has to be climbed again and again.

Of course, one day isn't enough, but getting through 3 assignments/posting of grades is a triumph of sorts. As is making certain my bills for next month are completely posted, my travel reservations are complete, and my house is straightened up.

Oh, yes, and it's No Spend Thursday, too.

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