Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Frugal Thoughts for the Week

This past week and "the frugal."
  1. I stayed within my weekly food budget: $5 on my $40/week, and $18 extra in sales/coupons
  2. I stayed under my monthly budget for "big shop" health & beauty/cat's needs: $10 in sales, coupons
  3. I set up a weekly $20 transfer from checking to savings
  4. I pulled out a tremendous pile of books and cassette tapes to sell next week
  5. I used my monthly membership at a local spa for a massage
In terms of "simple pleasures," yesterday I sat out on my back porch and read for an hour and a half, enjoying the breeze, the warm air, and a beer. In the middle of "so many things to do," that was a recharge.

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