Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bedroom, Day Two

Today I am taking on the three tasks of repairing the dresser (and reorganizing it), hanging the two posters, and getting the multi-plug in place.

Repairing the dresser: This is simple. The dresser, an inexpensive but pretty IKEA one has inexpensive cardboard floors to its drawers. The center one has bulged downward, due to the fact that I stored pajamas, slips, and bathing suits in there--apparently heavy as a group. That affects the bottom drawer, by pushing it open--constantly. To solve this problem, I propose to use duct tabe to lift the cardboard back into place, followed by moving the heavier clothing to the bottom drawer and putting the t-shirts into the middle drawer.

For this, I need duct tape (bought clear duct tape: worked perfectly).
Hanging the two posters: I have all the materials I need. The right size picture hangers and a hammer.

Placing the multi-plug: here, I have to buy the right plug from Home Depot. Since I live in an older complex, the outlet requires a two-prong plug. Once it is in place, I can plug the bed light and the phone into the plug, leaving an extra outlet available for my nook, the laptop, or whatever I need to read, work, or watch a movie in bed. Ahhhhhh... luxury! (Bought three: now study light works, too!)

This is obviously a simple series of tasks, so today should get 'er done.
  • Hang large poster (2 hooks)
  • Hang small poster (1 hook)
  • Buy and insert plug; replug phone, bed light
  • Repair dresser drawer with duct tape
  • Redistribute clothing for weight on bottom

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