Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doorblocker... finally!

Apparently, last night the UPS man left a package on my doorstep without knocking, rining the bell or otherwise letting me know. Nice surprie this morning!

In it was my new "as advertised on TV" doorblocker, which is basically two styrofoam tubes to be insterted in a cloth envelope, trimmed and necessary, and slid under the back kitchen door. Did, did, and did.

Now, we'll wait and see about the draft in there.

Which has been fierce.

My immediate complaint: it is u-gly. Black cotton cloth, kinda slouchy. If it works, maybe I can bedazzle it to make it less unsightly (not really, but in principle). And  by "works," I don't just mean keeping the draft out (priority #1) but being able to open the door without adjusting the blocker or the rug every time (priority #2).

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