Saturday, January 28, 2012

William Morris, Week 3

Note: my web contact is out for the weekend, so am writing this off-site. Monday, I'll be back on track.

Having said that, this weekend I am taking on the dining room. Which is the spot where I dumped boxes, bins, and "stuff" when I move din... still hanging around. Unfortunately. (I definitely have to provide some before-after shots of this, as incentive for me and simply so you readers can see what I mean. It's not Hoarders... but still a mess.)

This area will take at least two weeks to clear, since I have no idea where some things will go, and others will need to move to my study... once that is prepped. And I'll have to make some big decisions.

Basic "quick" tasks:
  • Clean off dining room table and stop using it as "storage dump"
  • Take 2 paper bags of books to office this week
  • Clear out paper clutter from move
  • Get donations to Goodwill
  • Get donations to my vet (quilts and old pillows)
  • Get donations to Salvation Army (printers and laptop)
Longer-term decisions/tasks:
  • Decide what to do with stereo (keep or donate)
  • Decide what to do with LPs (keep or sell)
  • Move papers/bins to study for filing
  • Re-organize hutch
  • Re-organize bookshelves, including cookbooks
  • Hang curtains
  • Buy a rug
Most of this is removing/dealing with the clutter... which needs somewhere to go. After that, I can really "design" anything like curtains and a floor covering.

For the floor, I am considering buying squares from Flor, a chain (now local to Dallas) that sells carpet squares. Easy placement, easy moving, fits any space. The living room may get the same treatment. For someone who moves every 4-6 years, this is a great minimalist solution. It will entail a trip to the store to really see the tiles, as they call them, but I foresee packing, moving, and placement as a snap.

In the end, I want a cozy place to entertain friends, as well as a nice place for me to eat meals daily. Not a storage locker. 

Something like this:

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