Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday... no laptop joy

Monday, I was told by 4 pm... then it turned out I needed a new laptop. Overnighted, have it Tuesday by 11 am.

Tuesday, at 11 am, I was told 3:30 pm... 3:30 pm, told Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, at 10 am, told noon. At noon, told 2 pm. At 2 pm, told "close of day... " and still waiting.

Lesson: buy a back-up laptop.

Question: what do people do do have no laptop, back-up laptop, wi-fi, digital stuff... at all?

Answer: Live serenely.

What did I get accomplished since the laptop crashed? (On Saturday/Sunday still had laptop without wi-fi or anything but basic word processing...)
  • Hung handles in kitchen (final WME piece for kitchen) and placed IKEA tin buckets of utensils on then, instead of counter
  • Took out trash and recycling (pile of cardboard boxes) twice
  • Washed five cashmere sweaters and all tights in gentle cycle of washer
  • Did 2 other loads of laundry
  • Cooked pork loin in slow cooker
  • Cleaned out old food from fridge
  • Cleaned off/decluttered top of dining room table
  • Brought 2 bags of books to my office on campus
  • Recycled pile of magazines
  • Shredded old bills, letters, etc., waiting in pile
  • Cleaned out car of garbage, extra "stuff" and bags
  • Took pillows and old quilts to vet for use with sick/boarding animals
  • Took load of clothing and household goods to Goodwill (after photographing for taxes)
  • Took a long, hot bath
  • Shined all my sinks
  • Cleaned and de-calcified my humidifier
  • Swept and cleaned off front and back porches, including dumping old dirt in planters and pots
  • Baked brownies
  • Watched 2 Netflix movies on DVD, several movies via Netflix streaming, and most of Dexter season 1 (I am teaching a class on that right now)
  • Prepped 4 classes without laptop, "old school" with notebook, pen, and post-its
  • Travelled in to on-campus locations twice to check email... twice in 4.5 days--weird
  • Enjoyed the quiet in my apartment without digital "noise"
Yeah. Quite a bit... because I couldn't write my book review, my novel, my lessons, or my blogs. No wi-fi world at all to distract me... weird. Quiet. Serene... unless I was worried someone was trying to get in touch...

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