Thursday, February 2, 2012

New computer--no joy

Well, now the new laptop, shiny as it is, isn't reading my thumb drives. Sigh. Must bring it in. Must get it looked at.

Days lost... four?

Later: only 1/2 of today gone... by noon I was home, with my thumb drives copied onto a newer 16GB drive (all 3 of my small drives in the physically smaller but digitally mightier thumb drive!), donated to me by the IT guy who never wants to see me again... or at least not until next week.

Next idea:
1. buy a netbook that is portable for back-up work
2. move hard drive and thumb drive contents to DropBox
3. start emailing myself drafts of "in process" articles, reviews, and research on a consistent basis

What happened to any notion of safety? If I had a hard copy of my lecture-in-progress, I only had to have one, or maybe a back-up two. Now I save to hard drive, DropBox, thumb drives, and email it to myself... because digital devices (laptop, hard drive, thumb drive) will fail, and email (DropBox, email) will go down... for "maintenance." To be sure of having what I need, I have to cover myself four ways from Sunday.

This is easier?

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