Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Plans, W.M.E. Week 4

How did it go?

I got the table top cleared off, one part of the pile of class/student bins cleaned off, one large bin cleared out and repurposed for Goodwill use, a pile of magazines culled/recycled, the cardboard boxes emptied and flattened ready for recycling, and two bags prepared for returning to other people.

That's good progress in a surprisingly busy weekend.

Now that I have a class on Friday afternoons, my Fridays are too often shaped around that--like this past week, with two meetings on either end of that classtime, as well. Oops.

The good news is that a good deal of the non-house time this weekend was devoted to "community": lunch and dinner with friends, watching the SuperBowl with friends, a meeting with colleagues, a reception with different colleagues. All of that was incredibly positive and good for me.

What I am figuring out: multitasking is not my friend, simply distracting. Prioritizing will help me get what I think is important done, although not everything will get done, which has to become okay. I have to think long-term as well as short-term.

Oh, and I need to post pictures before and after! Much more interesting overall.

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