Friday, February 3, 2012

William Morris Experiment, Week 4

Things were entirely thrown off-track this week by The Laptop Debacle, as I have now, very dramatically, named it.

Or not... since I got so very much done around the house.

I am still working in the dining room to eliminate clutter. The table acquires an amazing amount, simply by being the only "empty" flat surface big enough to create a new pile of stuff on. It is close to both entry doors, so I can unload purse, computer case, groceries, shopping bags, and bags of random "stuff" on it. Then that stuff stays there.

That habit has to change.

Beyond that, the material still on the table requires action, not simply being returned to another part of the house or disposal into the trash or shredder. It requires me to do something else with it... that I haven't the time to do. Sooooooooooo.

The rest of the clutter requires time and energy to be cleared: decisions, relocation, disposal. In other words, I have not set aside the dedicated time to handle this. Saturday and Sunday: time's a'comin'. Probably an hour each day will be more than enough to make a solid dent, if not eliminate part of the load entirely. Once the clutter is gone, I can make more decisions about movement forward in terms of the bookcase, the records, the stereo (where would I put it?), and the cookbooks.

  • clear dining room table top down to one pile, which will be eliminated in one week
  • clear the pile of paper bins, the shopping bag, and the pile of receipts
  • make decision about stereo (and thus vinyl records)
  • clear bread bin, framed art, mirror, and lone bin
  • clean floor, dust shelves and walls, dust hutch
By Monday, I want to move into the next room/phase of my W.M.E.

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  1. Oh, I am a flat surface pile-er from way back :/ I'm still working on changing that habit. I found you from Jule's WMP. Hope that your weekend was great and you were able to make a dent. Can't wait to hear about your success.


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