Thursday, February 16, 2012

Speaking of the "Magic Closet"...

Today I realized at 3:02 that a/ it was 3:02 and b/ I was not ready to leave the house for my 3:30 class.

To be precise, I was in flannel pants and a t-shirt, finishing the prep on my lecture.

But because I had set out my clothes last night, I was in them, out of the house, and in class on time.

I even had mascara and red lipstick in place!

What did I wear?
  • a long black a-line skirt
  • a multi-color turtleneck sweater (mostly green)
  • a skinny black belt at the waist, over the sweater, which was over the skirt waistband
  • black knee-hi socks
  • black flat-soled motorcycle-style boots
  • two moonstone-and-silver rings
  • red silk oblong scarf, draped but not tied around neck
  • caramel suede jacket
Felt good, looked pulled together, and made it to class with nearly 10 minutes to spare! (That's right: I dressed in 7 minutes, got out of the house in 2, drove to class in 8, parked and bought a coffee in 3, and... class!)

Lesson learned.

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