Saturday, February 25, 2012

Duo Boots

This week I took delivery of my new (first) pair of Duo Boots. I had first read about Duo, a British company that makes gorgeous boots that fit women with wide calves (hello!) here: Wardrobe Oxygen.

And the good news? When I checked in (as I do everyonce in a while since I read about Duo), they were having a sale. So I bought the style Panaro at $140 instead of $315, plus $20 shipping fee. So totally cool!

I ordered them a week ago, and they arrived on Thursday. Hello!
They are gorgeous! Fit perfectly in the foot, around the calf, and are just tall enough to fit under my knee. Smooth black leather with a pink interior and a 3inch heel. Ooh la la!

I am in love! (Oh, and my boots look a lot like Nancy's!)

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