Thursday, February 9, 2012

Financial triumph!

Last week I got a very polite email from My U letting me know that they were ready with a monthly payback plan for my built-up costs... huh? I contacted the bursar's office and let them know (politely) that I wasn't a student, hadn't gotten any parking tickets and had no books checked from library. How could I owe nearly $600? "Costs accrue," she said and re-emailed me the total, detailed bill.

All library fines. Ouch.

So I went in to the library and asked to see my record. Lo and behold: all books returned, before being overdue, and at libraries in question. The library had no record of said fines. The librarian who helped me credited everything to my account, and I am now left with the accrued monies--which cannot be erased... although the costs have been... don't ask me. It's like banks, easier to pay.

BUT I went from $600 to owing less than $100, with only one book outstanding that I certainly returned... so I am now going to the shelves to find it, and prove my innocence! And then I'll owe only about $15. Good for me! And thanks to the libarian who helped me!

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