Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Universe, Frugality, and Me

This week:
  • I got the payments from selling my Senseo coffeemaker and my Nook First Touch in my checking account
  • I found the shampoo I love on sale in the large bottles, for 50% off (only worry: are they discontinuing this choice? Well, if they do, I have 5 LARGE bottles, about 2.5 years' worth of shampoo before I have to panic)
  • I confirmed two student-based projects, one allowing young African-American actors to perform the work of an African playwright who will be on campus for a literary festival (they'll do brief readings from her two plays for the festival and for her!), and a second for my young writers to get their "Joan of Arc" plays up and in front of a group
  • I'm giving two guest lectures for a colleague in screenwriting
  • I'll have a surprise guest lecturer at my own class for playwrights on Friday
  • and, although I'll be sorry later (think May!) the warm, sunny weather now is a delight

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