Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Downstairs & the William Morris Experiment, Week #7

Today is vacuum day -- everywhere in the apartment! -- and clean the floors day... and then I tackle the downstairs closet.

This closet is deceptively large and yet, caboodled right now. I don't need more space, but I need to reconsider how I am using the space, with an eye to decluttering some things currently stored here.
Behind the coats are my suitcases, one cat carrier (for Jack's flights) and boxes I might need again.
The coat rack holds outerwear for all seasons and weathers, my doctoral robe (worn once a year at graduation), and items headed for eBay. Why aren't they currently on eBay, making me money? Yeeesssss....
  • Pictures taken and ready for posting on eBay
  • Reorganized the coats, wrapping one matching scarf over the hanger with it
  • Brought extra hangers upstairs to clothes closet, where I need them
The small shelf belongs to the landlord and used to live outside. Better here, although it is currently storing things I won't use, like two bottles of chlorine bleach. Gotta go.
  • Actually found three different-sized bottles of chlorine bleach, one of non-chlorine bleach, one of chlorine bleach cleaner; tossed the non-chlorine stuff and am contemplating how to didpose of the others without pouring them down the drain
  • Disposed of the cleaners that were barely full or others I never use; threw out several old sponges, too
  • Now I have space here for storing something--but nothing to put there right now
The built-in shelves store all sorts of things. My sewing kit, fabrics, and sewing machine. The downstairs cleaning kit. The other cat carrier. More boxes. Serious weeding out needs to be done here, and reorganizing things.
  • Found small framed picture which I took upstairs to store with the others not hanging up right now
  • Cleared out and refilled materials/bottles in downstairs cleaning caddy
  • Shifted boxes around to create more storage space on these shelves, too--that remains open
Then, I store the microfiber mop (one of my best cleaning purchases, ever!) and broom/dustpan here. It makes the carpet dirty, but I have no broom closet in the kitchen, so they live here. Maybe a nice rubber floor mat?
  • Or the cat's ex-placement, same difference until I get something better

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