Sunday, February 12, 2012

W.M.E. and the Dining Room!

Slowly, this is working out.

Yesterday, I filtered through the two remaining bins with papers that should be in the study: amazing how many things I could toss!

Things I need to find storage for:
  • pictures rails I am not hanging right now
  • an oval mirror inherited from my aunt
  • a framed picture my sister made me, that I am not hanging right now
  • the stereo+tapedeck+speakers

Things I need to sell, donate, or throw away:
  • a brass chandelier
  • old panniers for the bike (planning to use them for a pattern, maybe?)
  • old tax receipts
  • an enamel lobster pot with lid (inherited)
  • an IKEA bathroom shelf unit
  • an electric standing fan
  • another, standing fan
Even as I write this, I know Goodwill will see the fans, the shelf unit, and the chandelier. The tax receipts will get shredded, and the lobster pot will be used somewhere, probably for a plant.

Once the dining room is decluttered, I don't really know what I'll do with it. Invite people over for dinner? What a notion!

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