Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 5, W.M.E.

This week was revelatory!

1. I sold the Senseo coffeemaker I bought only a short time ago on Amazon, including 2 bags of coffee pods. I am truly relying on my IKEA espresso pot and my remaining Senseo coffeemaker (a gift from a friend who moved out of town).
2. I bought a new Nook Touch and am selling the old Nook on Amazon, complete with case, USB cord, and 15 e-books (mostly romances).
3. With the last batch of clothes, kitchen goods, and "stuff" gone to Goodwill, it feels truly like the "last" batch... for a while. Everything that's left is an eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon sale.

This is HUGE. While there is definitely decluttering and shifting to be done, the notion that all the excess books, all the excess clothing, all the excess kitchenware, all the excess office goods, all the excess furniture is gone is... breathtaking.
It only took from October 2010 to now: 17 months.

And yes, I still am hanging on to things I should purge... but now that about 10% of my household rather than 40%. Huge difference.

Now it truly is about decluttering, shifting, relocating. And... the dining room saga continues.
This weekend, I intend to attack the remaining 2 bins of paper, the break cradle full of "stuff", the shopping bag full of paper (mostly for shredding, I sense), and the stereo issue. Decisions must be made, papers sorted/shredded/filed, and things tossed. I am ready to be done (D.O.N.E.) with the dining room, so I can move on to the living room and the endless series of bookshelves, CDs, DVDs, and tapes.


  1. Isn't it an amazing feeling? Great job--keep on trucking. :)

  2. Wow, you're making such great progress! I'll have to go back and look at your original list. Sounds like you're making your way through it. That's encouraging to me!


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