Thursday, February 9, 2012

Working my closet

I am continuing to work my closet in the spring version of the Express Checkout Experiment: 20 pieces of clothing, excluding coats, accessories, and things like white t-shirts (such a basic, how can you have only one?).

Now that I am teaching five days weekly, I look on this as a real challenge to be professional in appearance for classes and being in and around the building 5 days weekly. I am working skirts and dresses as well as trousers: not a jean day in sight, which is good. Weekends, I can rock out with jeans. part of my challenge for this semester is in fact to dress comfortably, professionally, and stylishly without wearing jeans to classes.

I am also planning two weeks of daily wardrobe, instead of one: this means I am already ahead, since the list is posted in my closet and covers even details like shoes and jewelry. No impulse dressing, no grabbing jeans because it's easier. I hang the next day's clothes on the closet door before going to bed each night, and voila! there they are, ready to go whenever. That also means I don't discover 1 hour before class that the blouse I thought I would wear has mustard all over it... I can make that work the night before.

Like last night, when I discovered the dress I had planned to wear was still at the dry cleaners... oops!

Next week, I plan to rock my scarves: the deal is to wear a different scarf, one that usually gets no play, with every outfit. I have squares, oblongs, shawls, throws, and so forth. I'll make them the center of my outfits next week.

After that, I may focus on necklaces, especially the ones I've made myself. I've got great amethyst, garnet, carnelian, and moonstone necklaces that I don't wear enough that I made specifically to go with things in my closet.

Outside right now it is sunny and 42 degrees: that means a cashmere sweater over the blouse and skirt I had picked out.

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