Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News from the Newly "Morrisized" Bedroom

After one night in the "new" bedroom, I can state the following:
  • it is now cleaner, prettier, and more serene... which made me sleep better
  • the dawn-simulator woke me as advertised with brightening light and, at the 30-minute mark, wind chime sounds--no jangling alarm.

I did realize that I cannot use the sleep mask, because that would definitely block the "dawn." I'll have to figure that one out. But the light was slightly too bright at 30 minutes (top intensity) which I easily adjusted down two notches. The chimes were just loud enough.

Not having a pile of papers, mismatched clothing, and sheets on the loveseat--just my class today--was a giant step forward.

I had also done my other morning prep work: set out the cat's food, dish, and spoon, and prepared the coffeepot to perk while I was in the shower. I put away the clean dishes on the counter and stuck the used cat dishes immediately into the cleared dishwasher. Felt great to be slightly ahead of things in the a.m.!
And by 8, I had 1K written in novel!

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