Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Spring 2012 by pearl2164 featuring a paisley skirt

Having paid more attention to my clothing during the last week and a half (in part, because the semester started and I have to be "public" five days a week), I have made a pretty good start.

I decided to focus on working my many, many accessories more consciously, and not wearing jeans weekly. So far, so good.
Last week I made a couple of happy discoveries. First, that a wine-colored silk blouse I had not worn for a couple of years now fits again. Second, that pushing jeans out of the way made room for more skirts and pants (all of them black, of course) in my rotation.
The above Polyvore represents what's in my closet this spring (barring the beautiful Hermes scarves--I wish!). I do have scarves that essentially match the color combinations here, oh, and more shoes and jewelry. The colors overall are more subdued, shades of wine and navy rather than bold cobalt and red... not certain how I feel about that, but it's looking good thus far.
There's more blue in there than I thought, frankly, and that's good.
In my opinion, the only thing I'm really missing are good knee-high boots and a killer dress in a print, perhaps in a Diane Von Furstenburg-style faux wrap.

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