Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What got "done" Sunday and Monday... plus a TREAT!

  1. Weekly breakfast routine
  2. Grocery shopping: two stores + gas
  3. Laundry: 3 loads, including turning the white towel pink, thanks to pink wash cloth in "white" load. Sigh.
    • (side note: finally washed all summer clothes and hung them in "seasonal closet": I'm officially done with summer... but is summer done with DFW?????)
  4. Read paper, cut coupons, reviewed sale circulars... began dread of Black Friday
  5. Cleaned out fridge and took out trash
  6. Cut up vegetables, planned meals for week (including T'giving), put flowers in vase
  7. Naaaaaaaaaaaap
  8. Graded.
  9. Twittered
  10. Tumblr'd
  11. Blogged
  12. Went to birthday party for friend and stayed longer than I thought I would: nice party! Chatted up 1 yr. old and dog... 4 yr. old flirted but avoided me.
  13. Came home and finished last load of washer/dryer

  1. Morning routine before class
  2. Class @ 9 am: good show from students!
  3. Met with playwriting student to discuss his short piece and revisions he's already made
  4. Met with probationary student to discuss his in-class performance: good meeting!
  5. Email, Twitter, Tumblr
  6. Went to 1 pm show of student-written short pieces, 1 by my student
  7. Class @ 2 pm: student actually finished her play, lots to talk about... yay!
  8. Called parents to clear up non-emergency
  9. Dinner
  10. Graded
  11. Watched Valentino film, fell asleep
  12. Prepped post for other blog
  13. Insomnia: read Nook from 1 am-430 am.... sigh.
Two crazy days... and in a few hours.... I'll be on vacation for the rest of the whhheeeeeeeeeek!

Here's your treat for today: watch for the sharks in the gorgeous blue waters!

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