Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What got "done: Tuesday, 11.15

It rained here, briefly, today. I wish I'd been this stylish.
  1. Went to 8 am meeting for changes in new university curriculum; other people signed up from my department didn't show; stayed after to ask some questions/clarify.
  2. Got gas for car: down to fumes.
  3. Prepped and taught 2 pm class: Elizabethan theatre, stage spaces, Hamlet, and Faustus; more student questions than usual -- good sign, despite antics of "disrupters."
  4. Had painful conversation with two undergrads who got bad casting or no casting about why women in department are cast for looks (no, they're not! Really!).
  5. Stopped at grocery store for dinner materials: realized nothing thawed but leeks. Oops.
  6. Posted at other blog.
  7. Tweeted.
  8. Tumblr'd.
  9. Read Tuesday's blogs.
  10. Completed 5 new pages of novel; edited last five. (obsessively, 1,344 new words.)
  11. Printed out and graded monologues, scenes from beginning playwrights to hand back tomorrow.
  12. Sent email to students whose in-class participation has improved markedly; encouraging!
  13. Read, edited, and posted emails; deleted and filed student emails from week.
  14. Cooked dinner: chicken breasts with salsa, asparagus.
  15. Cleaned out refrigerator (Happy Refrigerator Day! Honest!).
  16. Loaded and ran dishwasher and in-sink strays.
  17. Dumped two bags of garbage (post-fridge cleanout) in trash container outside.

Still reading? If so, here's your reward.


  1. Is that first picture from The Thomas Crowne Affair?

  2. Absolutely fabulous! That was one of the best movies of that era. They made chess sexier than the Tango.


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