Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More "Oxford" news

I just heard from one of the several conferences I applied to for 2012. This particular one is at University of Exeter in early June -- my proposal was accepted, contingent on my being able to attend. I got the okay from my Oxford program head, as long as I am not missing on the Monday. Now (fingers crossed) hoping that panel gets scheduled midday Tuesday or Wednesday, which will put me on the British rail system for a six-hour round trip but worth it all the way...

This is an international conference that sounds fascinating--not that I'll experience much of it! but the same group that was at St. Andrew's a few years ago. Delightful and itneresting group of French scholars.

BTW: I also heard from a different conference, this one American in L.A., and they turned me down. Too many proposals, too few spaces. Tant pis!

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  1. I'm sorry you won't get to experience much of the conference, but it still sounds terrific. Good luck with the Monday off complication.


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