Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday -- Express Checkout Experiment

Autumn version, 11.3.

I have not been particularly successful at organizing my closet this fall. I am unsure why -- because autumn is my favorite season, after all, all sweaters and suede jackets and scarves -- but apparently something is standing in the way of my choosing 15 favorite pieces to mix and match throughout the weeks.

Here are the basics:
  1. white man-style shirt (actually, shirts, as I have a loose fit and a close fitting version)
  2. blue man-style shirt
  3. blue striped man-style shirt
  4. black turtleneck (lightweight; the cashmere has to wait!)
  5. black v-neck sweater
  6. blue cashmere boyfriend cardigan
  7. jeans
  8. black trousers
  9. black ankle-length trousers
  10. black pencil skirt
  11. black a-line flip skirt
  12. brown a-line flip skirt 
  13. black-and-white polka dot dress
  14. gray sheath dress and coat
  15. black sweater coat
That's a lot of black and white, and a little blue... All of it goes beautifully together and gives me the chance to work accessories like no body's business, to be casual one day and formal the next...

But I think I need a little inspiration, and a little red, purple, and aqua (my other favorite jewel colors) to give me a much needed boost.

(I am also not counting the black/gray/white t-shirts and tanks I wear as layers under the sweaters, or the jackets, like my favorite caramel suede jacket that comes out fo the closet now to be worn all winter long, in the Big D.)

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