Friday, November 4, 2011

If it's Friday it must be...

This is one of those "good news, bad news" entries.

Temptation or Reward?

Good news, first: I bought myself four Sprinkles cupcakes on Tuesday to celebrate a big event: orange, pumpkin, dark chocolate, and -- of course! -- red velvet. That's not the good news -- this is: after several months of working on a "no (less) sugar" eating plan, I DIDN'T REALLY WANT THE CUPCAKES!

Huh? (the tiny part of me that still craves sugar is trying to formulate a protest, but in her weakened state gives up)

That's right. Not only did I not dive into them once I got them home, I stuck them in the fridge and had one with dinner (as dessert) on Tuesday. Meh. Okay, it was the orange, but still. Again, one on Wednesday for dinner... didn't finish it. Still meh. Looked at box and thought, I could eat another one. Didn't. Yesterday... ate the red velvet, didn't enjoy it nearly as much as usual (happy meh!) and dumped the last one plus box.

This is amazing and super-great news for me.

It's the girl behind him... that's the expression!

Bad news, now: Apparently, I don't teach at a university but at a middle school. Sigh. Yesterday's class was like watching paint dry: students unprepared, passing notes, slumping into naps, and staring at me while drool tracked down their chins... I exaggerate only a tiny bit. And when we started to discuss the play assigned for the day and none of them had read it (very clear, very quickly)... class was over.

Good news: My night class is full of eager, committed writers. They are indeed struggling with their latest challenge, but taking big risks. I love teaching them!

Picture my debit card thus...

Bad news: My bank froze my debit card because I ordered something from Amazon.Fr -- except that they only froze two of the three books I ordered... so they allowed one charge (one the same order, from the same card) and cancelled the other two... and froze my assets.  All to "protect me" -- but they didn't want credit for that, I guess, because they didn't tell me about their white knight actions. Instead I found out last night trying to buy groceries with said debit card. Oops!

Eat the box: my advice!

Good news, along the lines of the top story here: Frozen dinners stink. Last night I bought myself some frozen entrees for dinner (with credit card!) -- 9:30 after my class and no dinner yet, nothing in the fridge -- and microwaved them. Perfectly good manufactuers, organic stuff -- it all tasted like bad truckstop hash. Ugh. The good news, then, is that after a year of cooking at home for myself and not buying processed, frozen, or otherwise pre-crafted food, I can distinctly tell the difference between my delicious meals -- or even a fresh salad -- and the chemical/additive/processed junk in the frozen aisle. Blindfolded, no doubt.

So I guess "good news" wins. let the Happy Friday Dance commence!

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  1. I got so tired of having my debit card frozen, that I got 2 more cards on the same bank account. They only freeze one number at a time, so I can still make my purchase and call them later.
    Being from the West Coast, I don't understand Red Velvet Cupcakes. I love a really good chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, but why add all that red food coloring. It doesn't change the flavor for me, so why eat something so artificial? And since they usually have Red Velvet, you never get just plain chocolate frosted with cream cheese.


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