Monday, November 7, 2011

The Delights, Surprises, and Excitement of the Weekend...

So many good things happened, which left me limp on the couch Sunday night... but happy.

First, Happy 144th birthday to Marie Curie: only winner of TWO Nobel Prizes in two different fields! One of the first memorable biographies I read as a third grader that made me know women could do anything!

I was able to get together with a couple that I like very much; I met them in 2010 at Oxford, but hadn't seen in some time. We got together for drinks at a swanky bar downtown, and what turned out to be great conversation. It was a thoroughly delightful pre-dinner meeting. The best outcome was that the wife, who is also a lawyer, knows a lot about buying land -- which I plan to do and know nothing about. She was more than willing to talk to me about the process, especially since I am buying to build, and -- again -- she knows all about that.

Friday, I went to a dance concert with several friends, with dinner beforehand. I also had a thoroughly good time on this occasion. The dance concert was quite stunning, with six of the nine pieces really impressing me; the pieces were choreographed by alumni of the program, reaching back to the mid-70s, which was equally impressive. And, again, the conversation among friends was delightful and challenging.

I also had a mightly productive meeting about next summer's trip/teaching at Oxford. Halleluyah! Now all I need is an apartment for 3 weeks in June.... anyone?

On Saturday, I ran errands. I racked up another $15 in credit at a local vintage clothing shop: I sold only two pieces, but they were quality. I also gained two bags of clothing for Goodwill -- out of the house, is my mantra right now! This weekend, those two bags will join the other three bags of clothing, household goods, and "stuff" at the donation center (tax deduction!).

I also figured out how to work the small grant I got on My U's ID at our bookstore. Nothing like credit, especially when coupled with my faculty discount... now if I can remember to go in there and buy, rather than the regular B&N stores!

I graded a pile of papers, scenes, monologues, and exercises over the weekend as well, pushing ahead like a good little worker bee. The result: a very nice pile of graded papers (complete with notes) for students. Makes them feel good, makes me feel good.

Friday was all social and creative. Saturday was all errands and cleaning. Sunday was all grading, cooking, planning. So happy to feel productive!

And then there was cleaning... bathroom, laundry, kitchen. Cooking... salad chopping for the week, salmon with Old Bay, cranberry-orange muffins, and tonight, crockpot chickpea soup.

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