Saturday, November 19, 2011

What got "done": Friday, 11.18

  1. Met with students in extra class at my house
  2. Picked up house prior to students' arrival
  3. Picked up car at garage, paid for new brakes, discussed future repairs (oy!), drove home
  4. Read.
  5. Twittered
  6. Tumblr'd
  7. Emailed and cleaned out all email boxes
  8. Posted blog here
  9. Generated grocery list for week
  10. Generated to do list for weekend and next holiday week
  11. Long distance call to friend
  12. Went to production of OTHELLO
  13. Met friend for drinks/dinner prior to OTHELLO; nice convo

That's it: not much, but the cleaning, class, car, and production sort of took more time than I planned. Oh, well, now it's Saturday and time for errands.

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