Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What got "done": Wednesday, 11.16

Okay, this is a theme--just for this week.

 Today, I cancelled office hours and did not have my afternoon class--by agreement with my students. Instead...
  1. Dropped car at garage for brake job
  2. Visited ATM for cash (for cab later)
  3. Walked to work (exercise!)
  4. Taught 9 am class, which was a bit of a wrestling match with students' lack of focus
  5. Chatted with student after about his revisions and how they were going
  6. Sent emails to students about meetings
  7. Called cab; waited for cab; called again--cab had someone else in it; cab #2 came and brought me home (50 minutes wasted!!!!)
  8. Changed out of teaching clothes/into work clothes
  9. Picked up kitchen, dining room, living room
  10. Put away dry dishes
  11. Made lunch, coffee for me
  12. Wrote blog post for this one
  13. Tweeted
  14. Tumblr'd
  15. Wrote 2 pages of novel... procrastinated and fidgeted.
  16. Bought ebooks online, moved to Nook
  17. Organized desktop
  18. Emailed
  19. Wrote 1.5 more pages... procrastinated, fidgeted
  20. Got call from garage: brakes need new calipers, too; add $200, and pick up tomorrow!
  21. Made more coffee
  22. Replaced burnt-out lightbulb
  23. Fed cat
  24. Poured glass of wine
  25. Put on sweater (apartment coooooooool!)
  26. Facebook'd
  27. Fidgeted...

Sigh. Not what I'd call a productive day, but more time left to finish tasks. (Isn't he pretty, though?)

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