Thursday, November 17, 2011

What got "done": Thursday, 11.17

Feeling a little "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" today....

Car. Not. Done. Brakes fixed, but the turn signals are the hold out: they ordered the wrong part from downtown. Sigh. Tomorrow--they swear!
  1. Prepped and taught history class
  2. Told students I was cancelling their second paper and redistributing the points across three other assignments (Yay! Huh? was their response)
  3. Re-did PowerPoint on French Renaissance
  4. Handed out participation points in each of my four classes: we're getting to the wall and the people with low participation are suddenly getting desperate! Yeah, it's NOT just showing up.
  5. Upgraded class site on My U's in-house course website do-hickey (platform?)
  6. Graded scenes and plays for adult students, for tonight's class
  7. Tweeted.
  8. Tumblr'd.
  9. Blogged on other site.
  10. Read all email boxes and responded; emptied email boxes for week
  11. Chatted with co-worker about production he directed which just opened (seeing t'morrow) and life in general
  12. Chatted with wife of another co-worker and his kids in hallway
  13. Got invited to "game night" of co-workers I like
  14. Rode cab to and fro, to My U; have to do it again in, oh, 45 minutes for night class
  15. Called parents, only to be told they were going out to dinner and couldn't chat! Huh!
  16. Ate lunch (and dinner, soon)
  17. Chatted with a different co-worker about her kids (it was like a holiday! I saw 3 of my co-workers in 1 day!)
  18. Taught night class
  19. Waited for cab... waited for cab... waited for cab.
That's it so far, but I do have night class... so who knows what could happen!

More pretty Becks for you...

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