Monday, November 14, 2011

What got "done" today: Monday, 11.14

1. Flat tire discovered/reported/fixed. By Tire Man.
2. Car got 112K check-up. Needs: front brakes, oil pressure switch, electrical system check-out. Sigh.
3. Round #1 of short plays from morning writing class: complete and successful!
4. Cover art and cover copy forms successfully completed and returned to publisher.
5. Chat with co-worker about exchange of key documents via email. (Dox not yet sent...)
6. Memo for credits re: a student spending Spring 2012 in London, written and sent to Internat'l Programs. Deadline: tomorrow.
7. Serious talk with afternoon writing class about completion/responsibilities, followed by 90-minute writing session (because no one had work ready).
8. Convos with 2 students from tomorrow's class--two different convos--almost cheery!
9. Kitchen picked up, dishes washed in dishwasher and strays in sink.
10. Gift list produced on Etsy, ready to be sent to family and friends for Xmas 2011.
11. Impressed student in monring class with my knowledge of/current obsession with Vampire Diaries.
12. Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
13. Daily pages in second novel completed.
14. Car status reported to concerned friends.
15. Two blog posts, Twitter feeds, Tumblr queue.
16. Emails read, deleted, answered, forwarded... sigh.

Time for a nap!

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