Tuesday, November 16, 2010

7 in 7, purging and saving

Day Two.
  1. a week's meals from pantry and freezer only
  2. box of student plays #2 to office
  3. penultimate pile of magazines to dumpster
  4. CD rack purged for Goodwill
  5. DVD rack purged for Goodwill
  6. tax man: talk to him about 2008 -- try #2
  7. consignment store -- try #3
As I said yesterday, I cooked five-bean soup. I ate the last of the potato-leek soup last night, so will start on this today. That potato-leek-bacon soup was delicious--and very thick and filling. The homemade pumpkin bread went very well with it. 
I also have an acorn squash that needs cooking. I'm going to make a filling with wild rice, walnuts, and cranberries, and then the squash will give me at least 2 side-dishes with the soup. Again, all bought before Sunday and from pantry or freezer.
I have one final pile of magazines to dump. I've been resisting since Jack likes to sit on it and look out the front window. Here in the Metroplex we have long windows that are no more than 18" above the floor. But I've found a solution for the magazine pile, or two, really, so that we can try and see which one Jack likes best. The point is to get the magazines out of the house.
I've been resisting doing this because they are the magazines I like, and I am certain they hold articles I "need." But I never look at them and never look to see where those "needed" articles are. So... dump. Everything is on-line anyway, and I get articles form this magazine in my emailbox. Which is why I don't buy the print edition any more. Hasta la vista, baby! 

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