Saturday, November 6, 2010

$7 in 7

 Today is another cancellation, this one for the website I mostly ignore.
  1. Synch up grocery cards for coupon savings
  2. Call credit card #1 & #2 to get rates improved
  3. Go to bank and ask how debit card can save/earn me more
  4. Call My Tax Man and discuss missing refund for 2008
  5. End AT&T land line
  6. Cancel GoDaddy renewal of website, etc.
  7. Take clothes to consignment shop (#2!)

Yesterday, didn't get to #4, unfortunately. That will have to go on to next week, as I am afraid #7 will, too. Didn't get that one done last week, either. nstead, I am moving on to the bonus number: caulking my own bathtub and letting my landlord know that I am taking cash off my December rent because I did it... when he didn't... and didn't even come look at it... or worry about it... so.

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