Friday, November 5, 2010

$7 in 7

 Day 5. Yesterday was a hard one.
  1. Synch up grocery cards for coupon savings
  2. Call credit card #1 & #2 to get rates improved
  3. Go to bank and ask how debit card can save/earn me more
  4. Call My Tax Man and discuss missing refund for 2008
  5. End AT&T land line
  6. Cancel GoDaddy renewal of website, etc.
  7. Take clothes to consignment shop (#2!)
I cancelled my AT&T landline--almost. I kept the 911 service, which is approximately $15/month, but reduces my overall bill by more than 50% of the nearly $100/month total. I also kept the internet service, but got a 12-month "deal of a lifetime" that lowers the bill another 20%--before fees and taxes, of course. This will reduce my monthly bill by about 60% in total, once it all kicks in. Because there are terms of the deal (of course!) I won't see the total savings until the New Year but I'll also get a rebate at that time for all of the transfer cost. I also got a $25 credit "just because."

In annual terms, this means saving about $720 over the next 12 months for at-home internet and 911 service. Sweet! And I do have a cell and an office phone (which I barely use), so that will cover everything. And the Magic Jack, which is paid for for the next 12 months. Then if I put that 60% savings in my long-term savings account or--better yet!--paying off credit cards... ah, I feel good now!

Then I went to my bank and asked about rewards, etc. Well, I was signed up for everything but did not know I had 10K "reward" points -- that's $100 in free Christmas gift card money, just right for my nephews' presents, plus. Well done! 

In other words, I've got 5/9 Christmas presents done this week, for free or rather with dollars I have already spent once. Yes, I know gift cards seem impersonal, but in the world of minimalism, when you're dealing with people who have everything they want or people who are choosy about what they want... this is gooooooooooood!

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