Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 in 7, purging and saving

Yesterday, I got everything done--surprise!
  1. a week's meals from pantry and freezer only
  2. box of student plays #2 to office
  3. penultimate pile of magazines to dumpster
  4. CD rack purged for Goodwill
  5. DVD rack purged for Goodwill
  6. tax man: talk to him about 2008 -- try #2
  7. consignment store -- try #3

 Actually, I am not purging for Goodwill, but the local resale chain. Come December, I plan to take books, videos, DVDs, and CDs there for resale. So right now my living room space holds the filled and half-filled cardboard boxes.Not so neat. But it is soooooo satisfying to pile up the giveaways. I did the same with the CDs in my office at My U, too. So far I have found 3 CDs with duplicate copies, all of which were already on my iPod. Sigh. I will keep some CDs, because of the CD/tape boombox in my office: more convenient than playing them on the laptop, and I have yet to invest in an iPod speaker system. Why? I don't know... does seem like the future, doesn't it? I guess because I'd have to get a set for the office, and a set for home... then what?

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