Thursday, November 18, 2010

Express Checkout Experiment--going beyond

This week I kept the same basic 15 pieces, just added in four new pieces. So far, so good. I am still experimenting with accessories, and since the temps have dropped, shawls and scarves are very popular in my daily dress-up.

I have noticed that two of the original pieces aren't getting much rotation. This does surprise me, since I chose them because I thought they'd be useful and fit into a weekly round nicely. Wrong! The only red piece I have is a silk tunic I bought at Target two decades ago (imagine!) which has always been a go-to piece for me. This fall, however, I notice that it is finally looking frayed at the cuffs and the color is tired. The original color was a lovely lipstick red, a blue-red, rather than a primary, which looks great with my skin tones. The blue shirt simply feels wrong: the fabric is too stiff and the color is too gray. I love blue shirts, but after hunting the net, I think I might go into Brooks Brothers and try out their women's shirts for fit and fabric. And color: I want a nice British banker blue.

In general, though, this has been a great experiment. I have variety, but not so much I am stumped by choice. I have already purged through the closet, and it is almost time--over T'giving, perhaps?--to purge again, with more serious intent. I have a pile of Goodwill options, as well as consignment possibilities.

But I still feel as if I am dressing well every day.

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  1. I think doing this exercise is a great way to find out which pieces are the *real* workhorses. I was surprised to discover that some I hang onto and think I wear a lot, I really didn't.

    Two decades from a Target piece, that's pretty good!


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