Monday, November 8, 2010

$7 in 7 -- week

This past week I did accomplish 4 out of 7 tasks:
  1. Synch up grocery cards for coupon savings
  2. Call credit card #1 & #2 to get rates improved
  3. Go to bank and ask how debit card can save/earn me more
  4. Call My Tax Man and discuss missing refund for 2008
  5. End AT&T land line
  6. Cancel GoDaddy renewal of website, etc.
  7. Take clothes to consignment shop (#2!)

I'm not even going to knock myself out for not getting all 7 taken care of, considering the high drama of Monday through Wednesday! I did figure out the following:
First: I have good rates on the credit cards and if I keep paying so regularly, in January I might get better ones, even on the two I've paid off completely.
Second, in a few clicks I have 5 Christmas presents paid for, sent to me at home, and suddenyl I am aware that I am earning "points" every time I use the cards (including debit cards) and will use that extra savings more consciously.
Third, I have to learn to live without the land line, using only the cell. But less AT&T in my life: good thing!
Finally, doing these tasks and the ones last week (7 in 7 series #1) gave me back a sense of control over certain things in my life, as well as an awareness of how much time I need to spend thinking about stuff outside my job ("High Drama" HQ) for general satisfaction. So, good lessons.

This coming week: no 7 in 7, just taking care of leftover tasks. That's enough.

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