Thursday, November 11, 2010

Express Checkout Experiment--final week

This past week was fine, even on the day I made a Big Announcement to my division, students and all. And I went to a party and to a funeral/viewing... used the included clothes and accessories, nothing else. Didn't think I would, but it all worked out. Laundry is still an issue; given white shirts.

This whole thing has been a great experiment for me, in the midst of de-cluttering and thinking consciously about "stuff." I am a clothes hound and always have been, from my first pair of saddle shoes (hated them!) and my first red velvet, smocked dress (loved it!). I have a ridiculous number of clothes I do not wear taking up space... but I love them.

Downsizing to this experiment has been interesting. My 15 picks were flexible, despite hot/cool weather in the Big D. No one noticed, except the sweater dress, which was a little different for me. Wore it this week on a different class day, and got compliments again from students, especially girls.

That said, this week I culled out 3 cotton camisoles, 3 flannel tops, 3 white blouses, 2 pairs of pants, 4 colored blouses, and 3 wool jackets for the Goodwill basket. I still have shoes, sweaters, and skirts left. Next week, I am adding only four new pieces to my rotation: a black and white skirt, a gray turtleneck, a navy and white blouse, and an oatmeal version of the sweater dress. With accessories, shoes, boots, and outerwear, I should be good to change up the 15--now 19--pieces with no stress.

What did I realize? I'd like a different blue blouse: better fitting, better made. I'd like more red but I am not eager to add the pieces in red I currently own. I'd like more brown, but ditto, red. I also have realized that there are certain accessories I am lacking: good solid belts for jeans, a scarf with the right blues, and a good gold bracelet. Helpful? Yes. Does it mean I don't have tons of other, perfectly usable accessories? God, no.

I'm going to go two more weeks with only this rotation of 19, cull some more, and add another four pieces back in. I'm going to do this until I realize I am not wearing the "chosen" things fully, or that I am at capacity for a decent wardrobe.

Then let the flinging begin!


  1. It sounds as though you have a good game plan to carry this experiment through and apply to your wardrobe on an ongoing basis. Great work!

  2. I guess I'll see. It has been a very unexpectedly satisfying experiment. Did not expect that would happen!


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