Monday, November 15, 2010


My beautiful bike Bella has been having a hard time of it.

She spent the summer outdoors while I was away, and now is the beginning of the rainy season in our fair city.  Unfortunately, when I was out back last, she also had a flat. The bike store where I bought her, which specializes in cruisers, has moved downtown, and there is no other place nearby.

Which means buying a bike rack for my Ford Escort, so I can transport Belle to the bike shop for her check-up and possibly a new tire (this is the third flat on the same tire). I found one online that carries only a single bike (rare!) and can be used on a hatchback as well as a sedan. It is even in a store near here. Since I bought a "girl bike" I also need to shell out $36 for a bar to carry my bike like a straight-bar bike. Once again, being a girl costs extra for accessories! $36! The rack costs $50!

But I want to get Bella up and running so I can stay a/ healthy and b/ cheap on gas. Want to become an all-weather rider, as well as expanding my bike route. Ideally, I will be using it to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, and coffee shop, as well as school. "Ideally."

Update: bought the rack Saturday, as well as the "girl bike" converter. And an ORANGE safety vest, which Ihad been wishing I had for some time, given the dark mornings and afternoons. This week, I hope to get the tire fixed as well as the check-up, and then we're off! Back to riding in to work.

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